Friday, June 5, 2009

Wanted - An Addition to the Family

Before we had Izzy, it took me a full year of begging, bargaining, and insinuating that his refusal may send me straight into a depression to convince Honey that we needed a dog. He eventually broke down. We went to a shelter, saw Izzy that day and immediately fell in love.
Fast forward 2 years and I think its time to add to the family.

I am a huge proponent of adopting animals. But I have to admit, I am highly interested in one specific breed this time around. The Newfie.
Even easy temperament? CHECK!
Lovable and kind? CHECK!
Good with kids? CHECK!
Highly intelligent & trainable? CHECK!
Capable of saving a drowning man? CHECK!

I'm smitten.
Considering that this breed can weigh as much as 150 lbs I think that it will take more than a year to get Honey to acquiesce to my desires.
Wish me luck!

{photo via Imajan Photography}


  1. LOL, yes, good luck.. BTW w/that 150 lbs. also a super size bag of kibble, also big land mines... my brother had a golden ret. and that dog was smaller than a Newfoundland, lets just say he used a big shovel...The dog is cute tho and I bet lovable.

  2. I wanted a newfie too until I saw that they could sling spit up to 10 feet when they shake their head. Yikes!


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