Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So Scary

A report on the imprisonment of Euna Lee & Laura Ling in North Korea for 12 years of hard labor.

Please pray for them.


  1. yes it is sad.. i remember when Laura Ling's sister Lisa did a documentary on North Korea for Oprah's show.. The confines w/which those people have to live with... I am Korean, American born and my grandfather came from South Korea via stowaway when he was 14... Does that tell u how 'wonderful' Korea is? personally I have no desire to ever visit that place North ( as if I could) or South... I do hope there is someone in the government that can do something... Maybe Obama can remedy this? GMA had Lisa, Laura's hubby and Euna's hubby on and it was just so sad.. Euna has a little girl and she missed out on her child's graduation from preschool.. These three are working hard to try and get the sentences lessened or commuted, which I feel should be...

  2. It is awful. I think i am in disbelief. It can't go on for much longer can it?
    so nice to meet you here!


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