Friday, June 5, 2009

Not my biological clock

Today I told my mom about my new found interest in Newfoundlands (see what I did there?) and was shocked to hear her response.

ME: I think I want to try and find a Newfie to add to the family.

MOM: *sigh* *ugh* You're never going to have kids, are you?

I love my mother, DEARLY.
But really mom?

I hope my sis gets preggers soon.


  1. I know my mom is thinking this but she would never say it to my face. She just tells other people she wants me to have a baby. Thanks mom.

  2. Wait, a minute... I remember when I wanted a baby and my husband said " let's get a pet first and if the pet survives, then we'll try for a kid"... He didn't really mean it, he wanted to buy time.. We had only been married for a few months when I saw a baby and my heart melted... We did however get a kitty similar to the one in your photo... William Blake survived us and we ended up having 3 rug rats... So pass my story onto your mom and watch for her expression!. lol

  3. haha don't worry about it!! there's no rush! remember how much Monica (Friends) worried? everything always turns out perfect!

  4. Hmmm after reading the comments, I have to admit....guilty as charged. My daughter and I could be you and your mom :) You just don't understand...were's funny how as you were growing up mom has control, sad to say the little girl grew up and can hold something over on mom :(


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