Monday, June 15, 2009

I am here

Honey and I have been through a lot. Ups & downs. Good times & hard times. And all of those other cliche's. However, through it all - we have kept a sort of stick-to-it-iveness. We choose to love each other. Even when it is hard.
And now - I am more in love than ever.
I am here.

{via I CAN READ}


  1. Those words are so true... Awhile ago Eric told me that if I tried to change an aspect of me it would take away from the person he fell in love with.. He believes u have to love the total person faults as well as good qualities because that is what makes up that person's character.

  2. even after 28 yrs of marriage, when i get really upset with my husband, i always remember why i fell in love with him.

  3. I love this quote. So beautiful.

  4. Well said, and so beautifully, too. I wouldn't say that my husband is perfect, but he makes me a better person, and incredibly happy. What can I say, ya can't picks 'em.


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