Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday Wish List II

These are something I both need and want (in blue).

{found here}

Any of these from J Crew would make me happy :)

{all 3 found here}

So cute! AND on sale.
{found at Bandolino}


  1. OMG, that shoe is to die for!!!!!!!!!!(Bandolino).....
    Are those sandals for hiking? just guessing because of the tread on the bottom.. those are cute.

  2. The wedges = friggin' adorable!
    Those...other "shoes" = I will beat you with them. You're way too cute for those.

  3. i love the blue shirt too!

  4. I should have been more clear. The first shoes are water shoes - for when I go kayaking & stuff. :)


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