Sunday, June 7, 2009

Through my eyes

Friday night Honey and I had a date night. We had a gift certificate to Soleil, a lovely restaurant/ wine bar. We tend to revolve our activities around food, so a tasty dinner out is always appreciated by the both of us. This was our first visit to Soleil and we were not disappointed. Escargot, pasta with bleu cheese and bacon, and scallops with a fantastic vanilla saffron sauce were all ordered and enjoyed.
We also went to see The Hangover. It was a bit funny and a bit gross. The ratio of funny to gross was not my fave. But I will admit to several laugh out loud moments.
Escargot with sage & bacon = yummy
Sunday was my baby sister's birthday. She is now 25 and according to my dad we are to call her 2-bit for the next year. My dad can be adorable in that way. We went out to my parent's to celebrate over mom's dinner and my homemade brownies.
Izzy LOVES to ride in the car.

Dad's new larger-than-life bbq pit.

Captain Jack



  1. You guys are cute. That grill is huge.
    Seriously, you guys are freakin'adorable.

  2. Gorgeous horses, your dad's? Sounds like dinner was quite rich!.. yum.....


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