Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Apparently Tuesday mornings bite the big one. At least this particular Tuesday morning does.
I left the house early today so that I could get gas and pick up a prescription that I need. However, somehow in between gas and my local CVS I managed to lose my debit card. I called the bank frantically to cancel my card only to find out that it will be 10 -15 working days before I get a new one. I therefore had no money to pick up my prescription (which I really wish I had right about now) nor did I have any money to pick up the breakfast tacos I intended to devour this morning.
To sum it up: Girl with empty belly and no antibiotics, gives free reign of her almost empty bank account to shady characters at local gas station.


  1. Wait, I use to work for a bank and they can expedite the card to you... Or did they suggest that u go into a branch and withdraw a lump sum of money? Believe me they can...talk to a higher up...

  2. Oh, NO! I'm so sorry to hear that. Losing my debit card is my biggest fear. Hopefully it will be resolved soon and tomorrow is another day (for breakfast tacos!).

  3. o no!! :( hopefully your day got better... and hope your Wednesday is amazing

  4. No tacos? That makes me so sad...
    Hope tomorrow is better.


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