Monday, June 15, 2009

One full weekend

This weekend was absolutely lovely. On Wednesday (not actually the weekend, I know) Honey & I went with 2 of my dearest friends to see Wicked. FANTASTIC! I had the music stuck in my head for days after. We did have an invite to check out backstage via the super sweet girl who tailors my clothes (I'm short and need much hemming). Unfortunately, we were unable to locate each other after the show. Nothing stings quite the way a missed opportunity does, however the experience was still a positive one. Then on Friday, I went with my movie club - which in reality is really just me & my friend Oscar - to see Up. AGAIN FANTASTIC! I adored everything about it. The dog humor was especially heart-warming. I don't often buy movies, but this one will be added to my meager library.
Saturday night I went to a local bar with a group of friends to watch the UFC fight. Franklin vs. Silva. While my absolute favorite fighter is Forrest Griffin (*sigh*), Franklin is a close second. Franklin won = great night of fun.

Then on Sunday, we ended up taking in another dog. We named him Oliver, but are already calling him Ollie. Izzy is in full-on pout mode. I am hoping she adjusts soon. Bean, on the other hand, just loves him. I'll be sure to post photos soon.
How was your weekend?


  1. I am going to have to check out Up.. I've heard everyone raving about it...
    This Sunday, the sun finally came out.. Worked out in the yard again, planting of course.. Its slowly coming together, getting a good workout as well..

  2. aww sounds like a great weekend!! so glad you saw and loved up!


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