Thursday, June 11, 2009

These all hit home (for one reason or another)

I'm not feeling very chatty today. So here are some images that can speak for me.
The 1st one is in honor of one of my current bloggie favorites.{all found via I CAN READ}


  1. I love the last one... More people should put that to practice... BTW I left something on my page for ya...

    it was given to me and i am passing to you.. u can paste it on your page if u want.

  2. You found my monster! Well, not mine, per say. But in our household, "rawr" is how my husband and I say, "I love you," so I have special feelings for that little dinosaur. My husband calls me his Stephanie Monster, and we actually got "To my monster" and "Rawr Rawr Rawr" engraved on our wedding rings! You kinda just brightened up my morning a whole lot.

  3. oh i love the teabags that have messages on the end they really make my day :)


  4. I love my grand children(Ollie, Izzie and Mr. Bean)God Bless Mr. Bean! and my precious son and you. Don't be planning on moving off anywhere; life is to short to be away from family.
    Love Mom


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