Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I have had several interesting turns in my life's plot line over the past couple of days. Unfortunately some of it is basically un-bloggable.
  • For instance, I have been offered another job. And all I can really say here is that it really would involve leaving sucky job #1 in exchange for starting at sucky job #2.
(I know that there are several out there who would like to insert some sort of comment about how I am lucky to even have a job in this market. - But let me stop those peeps right here. I know that jobs are hard to find these days. And I am grateful for the job I have. However I desperately want to finish grad school asap so that I can actually work in the field I love.)
So to sum it up, I am unsure of how to make a decision here. I guess I can turn to the old "lesser of 2 evils" adage.
  • Also mostly un-bloggable - the unsettling realization of the approximate nearness of d-bag syndrome to one specific person whom I love. I wish she could run run run away.
  • Izzy's surgery is scheduled for June 10th. Say a little prayer for my little monster.
  • I am going to the coast this weekend with some of my friends. It was supposed to be a couples' trip, however Honey's mom is having gallbladder surgery so he can not make it anymore (insert another little prayer here). I will miss him the entire time I am sure.
  • Unimportant info to probably everyone out there - I am already L.O.V.I.N.G. this season of SYTYCD. And I am anxiously waiting for the season premier of True Blood.



  1. Congrats on getting a job offer, even if you don't take it! I know that feeling of indecision--I had a hard time deciding to leave my current job for grad school. I like your first bullet point--necessarily cryptic, I'm sure. :) Good luck on Izzy's and your honey's mom's surgery and have fun at the beach!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts Thao!

  3. My husband chose to stay with his suck job until he completes his schooling as well. No regrets there. Prayers will be said for both the 2 legged and 4. Have fun at the beach as I'm sure it's well deserved :)


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