Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Updates

So I have had a bunch of random little events going on the past couple of weeks - and have not yet posted about any of it. I figured that since I am at work today, instead of spending some lovely outdoor time like the rest of America, now would be as good of a time as any to fill you in. Consider this my silent protest against the fact that I don't get ANY paid holidays - silent in that I will not jeopardize my job by bringing it up to my boss again but I will feel somewhat vindicated by the time I spent blogging at work rather than working.

1. Honey got a new car. This is good news. His previous car (which I had told him not to buy) was such a lemon / money pit. Now we have a Jeep Liberty. YAY! This means that we now have a car that is big enough to accommodate all 90 lbs of my Izzy. Plus, as an added bonus - it's reliable.
Oh yeah - AND Honey got a great great deal :)

2. Izzy needs surgery. She has been limping for several weeks, and after a couple of vet visits we found out that she has a condition called osteochondrosis chondritis (aka OCD). This means that she does not have cartilage in her shoulders the way she should. And she has to have surgery on BOTH shoulders. Her surgery is set for the 2nd week in June.

3. I hurt my pinkie. I think it is just a broken blood vessel but the finger is swollen and blue and it hurts like a biotch!

4. Honey's mom is having gallbladder surgery next weekend. This means that he will be out of town next weekend. He is a good son and wants to be there to help his mom. I really am a lucky girl.

5. I still hate my job - but I am working on having a better attitude about it.

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  1. i love your blog, too! you've definitely got a way with words, and i'd love to exchange links :)


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