Monday, May 18, 2009

Puppies make everything better

Thank you to all of my darling readers that offered me bright words to help me through my F-U-N-K. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your kind thoughts.

I have good news though - I think that I am officially on the upswing of my little low mood. YAY!

I went to the Animal Defense League this weekend to play with some animals who needed a little T.L.C. And that always helps. Plus I spent a lot of snuggle time with my own cherished fur-babies.

Since we adopted Izzy, I did not get the pleasure of seeing her in her puppy stages. However she is part lab, so every time I see a lab puppy I get all warm and tingly in my soul. This photo is from one of my fave sites, The Daily Puppy. Doesn't it just make you feel so happy?
There is also a site called that I visit often. As a matter of fact, my baby Izzy was featured. Go here to check it out.
Hope your Monday isn't too gruesome:)


  1. I'm glad you're on the up swing of your f*u*n*k. You can always count on lifes furry friends to help when we need them most. My dog is always by my side and feels my vibe. He give free slobber kisses without having to ask. Have a great week!

  2. Awww, she is a sweetie!.. I bet she gives back a lot of love!. Glad u are feeling better.

  3. aw i loveeeeeee ur dog. i really really want a dog. :(

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you feel better! The internet is a surprising but wonderful way to get consolation, especially if it comes in the form of melting chocolate-brown puppy eyes!


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