Wednesday, May 6, 2009

god of rock?

I would like to preface this particular post with an acknowledgment. I acknowledge that I post about different TV shows on a regular basis (as regular as you can get for a newbie blog anyway). But I would like to say that I have put Honey & myself on a strict budget. And when you are on a strict budget, the TV can be quite a cure for boredom.

Who am I kidding . . . I do love TV. Budget or no. :)

Who watched American Idol last night? Who watched American Idol last night and is sick of seeing the judges kiss Adam Lambert's way too dramatic butt?
I am not implying that he is not talented. But I will say that the judges are so busy labeling him a "rock god" that they are ignoring the talent of all the other contestants. And seriously, "rock god?" I bet Mick Jagger would have a bit to say about that.

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  1. I must admit that I haven't watched this season, but I too have been on such a strict budget lately that I've been watching alot of tv. Totally feel ya. (And I've been shredding up that Netflix queue as well!)

    Have you ever read the reviews of AI on Television Without Pity? They're hilarious, especially when written by Jacob!


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