Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Wish List Volume 1

My birthday in coming up in June and although I am on a strict budget, I can't help but want to buy myself a little something. I know that having a wish list in volumes may seem fairly self indulgent, but I'm ok with that. I figure that I need a little something to distract myself from the painful fact that I am indeed getting older. UGH.
Any (or all) of these items are on my wish list.
I want to pair this belt with a beachy yellow skirt and white boy-tank.

{found at Forever 21}

I honestly could use a pair of these in every color. I do however have a hard time deciding between laces or no laces.

{found at Zappos.com}

Please please please let the Anthropologie Fairy leave this under my pillow.

{found at Anthropologie}

And this clutch would be the perfect pop of color to so many outfits.

{found at bonecalindas shop via etsy}


  1. What a cute outfit. Write several copies of your birthday list and leave it at mom's house, sick one in the boyfriends wallet sister's purse.. you get the idea. All fairies need a little help. Good luck :)

  2. I want that dress from Anthro sad bad. I had to settle on making it myself with items I had in my closet. Ryan said I looked very nautical. Whateve.

  3. Did my last comment work? Testing, testing.


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