Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lazy Days

I am having an energy problem. I don't know what is going on with me, but I can not seem to stop feeling so tired. I am pretty sure that I am not sick (or getting sick). I work out on a pretty regular basis, and this has helped me to keep my energy levels up. But I guess it is no longer cutting the mustard.
I have all of the plans to clean my house, bake goodies, pull weeds in the back yard, and finally finish reading Anna Karenina (which, by the way, is the longest book ever written) - but once I get home from work or the gym all I manage to do is lay on the couch.
I am hoping for any advice you may have, lovely readers.

Photo part of the Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait Series


  1. I sometimes go through this myself - and I fight myself all the way, never thoroughly resting, getting up and vacuuming (I see way more dust when sick and laying down on the couch - must be the angle of perception!) just when I get enough energy to move. So - as hard as it is - try to just relax, go with the flow. Realize that it is NOT laziness, and that if you could you would. One day the energy will be back - might be a really great time to catch up on some reading ( maybe something lighter and romantic/silly - you know the kind we never admit to owning or reading in the presence of intelligent company?

  2. First of all thanks for your comment on my post... I think we all have days where we drag.. I know it happens to me whenever we go for days w/out sun... I love working out in it as well as laying out in it... In your case could it be diet? I know an over abundance carbs can slow one down.. Do u take zinc? whenever I am run down I will suck on a zinc tablet or take in extra vit. C...


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