Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Like nails on a chalkboard

Am I really the only one who finds this girl unbearably annoying? I know that the entire show can be irritating. But we all need our little guilty pleasures.
That being said, I simply can not take one more statement like "Maybe you should hook up with Brody to get Justin Bobby back."


  1. could she be any more coached by the producers? so bizarre!

  2. She's the worst. She only became friends with Lauren so she could get more TV time.

  3. I agree!! And the Hills is totally one of my guilty pleasures. I'm kind of debating getting an LC-esque haircut, which makes me think that I'm taking this whole undercover obsession too far.

  4. I find the whole family unbearably annoying. Whenever I see Spencer I want to throw something. No wonder the surname's Prat[t]. But, oh well ... I'm guilty too.


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