Monday, April 20, 2009

Hellooooo gorgeous

I watch Make Me A Supermodel on Bravo (insert all "Ughhh reality tv" comments here). And I have to say, I am pulling for Jonathan. I don't usually go for the ultra ripped look. I am more of a Zachary Levi, John Krasinski kinda girl. You know funny & sort of lanky. Ok, Ok with the exception of Ryan Reynolds, who I adore and who just so happens to have abs you could slice meat on (to be fair he IS funny too).

Sorry - back to my point. Jonathan. Here's the deal. He loves loves loves his wife and son. It just makes him completely wonderful to watch. Hot & loyal. Hard combo to find.

***Disclaimer - I happen to think my honey is hot and loyal as well. ***

Also sorry for the almost full blown nude shot. It was the best photo I could find.

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