Wednesday, April 29, 2009

But I love my house

This is the kindof day I've been having.
Honey and I have been renting a house from one of his family members for 2 years now. We have been doing small things to improve the house this whole time. But we have been doing semi-big things to improve the back yard (which is a lovely size). And it has come to this. . . I love our house. I love the covered porch, I love the jasmine we have planted to grow up the porch supports. I love the french doors in the kitchen. I love the odd angles of the ceiling. I love the open living room. I even love the fact that it needs a lot of updating and much more remodeling. I love daydreaming about what we will do when we buy that house.
Fact is, I have always assumed we would buy it.
We broached the subject with said family member last month and we have finally heard back. And. . . .drum roll here please . . . darling house is not for sale.


How can this be? This is messing up my plans. And anyone who knows me knows how I hate to have my plans messed with.

But nothing can be done. So we are now looking for a different house.
All I can think is "but I love MY house." Too bad it is not actually mine :(

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