Friday, April 17, 2009

A horse of a different color

I can't remember how I came across these photos by Roberto Dutesco (to be honest I think I saw them on someone else's blog) - however I will say that they have made an impact on me.

The raw beauty of these wild horses is enough to make me want to suddenly start taking photography classes.
They are out of my price range but that does not stop me from imagining my living room wall covered in the majesty of these wild beasts.
Visit here for more.


  1. congratulations on starting your own blog! xo

  2. Those are beautiful photos. Also, I am definitely with you in your love for Amos Lee. "Southern Girl" is honestly the most played song in my iTunes (I might be ever-so-slightly obsessed...) And thanks for visiting and commenting on Under A Paper Moon. xx


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