Saturday, July 4, 2009

Easy Breezy

Honey and I are not engaged (yet) but I am so thrilled at the prospect of actually taking that step with him. And let me just say, these dresses make me even more eager :)

{Jenny Yoo}

{Augusta Jones}


  1. I'm not engaged either, but whenever I flip through the wedding dresses on the J.Crew website it get me thinkin'...

  2. beautiful dresses. when you do get engaged, my advice to you is to; slow down, take a deep breath, breathe and enjoy the process. if you take this bit of advice,..... i promise you, you will not stress :)

  3. love the first one!.... yes those dresses would definitely get one thinking...

  4. Jay Crew 1, Jenny Yoo and Augusta Jones are my pick. However you would look good in almost anything.


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