Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So confused

I haven't said much about the new job lately, but I think now is the time to let you all in on how much I hate it. And now that my grad program is only two weeks away, I am getting concerned about my ability to handle a difficult job that I dread every single morning and a new academic program.
The problem is that I will not be able to make the same kind of money anywhere else while I am still in school. Yesterday Honey & I had a long talk about how we could cut our expenses even more; and we decided a little more money was not worth being miserable. I felt peaceful last night when I fell asleep knowing that I had officially decided to quit my job.
But here's the twist (isn't there always a twist) - for the first time in a very long time I read a daily devotional this weekend. Today's calendar devotional was titled "Finish what you start."
Yep that's correct. So I am wondering if God is trying to tell me that I need to stick it out.
I don't have a peace either way now.


  1. You know I have always believe that u finish what u start... My son had wanted to quit h.s. and I told him that he should finish what he starts otherwise he may regret it... Do u think u would regret quitting your job? I assume the job would further your career? Weigh the pros and cons on paper.. seeing it on paper may help u decide...

  2. It's a serious disision, one that's not to be taken lightly. My husband had a job last year that made great money, but also made his life a living hell. After much discussion, we decided that he would leave his job in search of something better. Now, our summer contracts are 3 weeks from ending and neither one of us has a job. We're scared of what the future may hold, but we stand by our decision to leave our last jobs. If you're going to leave your job, you have to know what that may entail, and be ready to take on the consiquences.

  3. I would say go with your own smarts. If your job truly makes you miserable (I've so been there too) and you can afford to take a pay cut, then I would suggest getting out of it. You're not quitting because you didn't try hard enough, but rather because it's affecting you at home as well. There will always be money to be made, but you won't always have the chance to choose how you make it. Good luck!


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