Saturday, August 8, 2009

Inspired by this post by Prosecco & Lemonade, I decided to post a little thank you to my honey as well.
Honey, thanks for:
  1. letting the dogs sleep with me even though you hate how much space they take
  2. being so supportive of me quitting my job (even with the big pay cut it involves)
  3. always asking if I want the last bite of anything delicious
  4. putting up with me when I am feeling especially "spirited" & "rebellious"
  5. being perfectly OK with me watching UFC tonight with the gang instead of going to that wedding with you
  6. being so kind to others in the world
  7. reminding me of all we have whenever I start to focus on what we don't
  8. working so hard so that I can go to school
  9. sitting with me when I cry
  10. telling me that I am beautiful whenever I feel less than
  11. always being the one who steam cleans the carpets and mows the grass
  12. being the person I know I can always count on, no matter what
  13. doing most of the driving on long trips
  14. going on late night ice cream runs for/with me
  15. being so caring towards your family

(BTW - You read # 2 correctly - I quit my job. I'll filll you all in later.)


  1. Beautiful! And congrats on quitting the job that made you so miserable--I know you'll find some wonderful alternative.

  2. Takes courage to quit a job... I bet a lot of thinking went into it... Whatever works for you.. Only u can decide that... Glad u are happier..

  3. You absolutely did the right thing and not just because I'm the mom; those people were not good people. I also just thank God for "Honey" a mother can only hope that her daughter finds someone like him.


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